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  Good morning/afternoon.

  It is really my honor to have this opportunity for a interview. I hope I can make a good performance today.

  My name is X. I am 20 years old,born in a little village in Southern Zhejiang. My parents are farmers,and I am the only child. Though not well-to-do,the family always be hopeful.

  My major is engineering technology. I will graduate in July,20xx. I have some hobbies like listening to music,swimming,and especially seeing western movies. In the passed two years,I have learned some practical skills and gained some major certificates. I paid more attention to learn Engling,and I have passed CET4 in my efforts. I am looking forward to becoming a member of your company .

  Thank you!


  My name is xxx.this year old, I am not tall, and I like playing computer, swimming and playing table tennis. My favorite food is pear, and my favorite color is sky blue. The host can also add anything that is written at home, but it only needs a few cents.

  Every shrimp is good. I apologize for this.


  Good morning,honorable judges Ladies and gentlemen.Today,i am so glad to be here to introduce myself to you.My Chinese name isLanLianghua,my English name is Lannie.I can’t tell you how old i am,Because it’s a secret of a lady’s age.I have so many hobbies.Such as cooking,singing,hosting and traveling.Some people don’t like cooking,but it is happy for me to cook for my families andfriends. Unfortunately,our domitory has no cooker hood.So I have to use a plastic bag as my Chef hat.I armed myself heavily so that i will not be attacked by the oil fume,oh!how hard it is,so ladies and gentlemen,Please take the applause to all the ladies.In addition to cooking,i am so fond of singing.In my college life,i was crazy to take part in all kinds of singing

  contests.But allended in failure.It doesn’t matter.I have so many students now ,in the future maybe one of them will be a super star.By the way,i can be your hostress,if you have something to celebrate.Call me please.Yesterday is history,tomorrow is a mystery,today is a gift .thank you for your company.Please support me all the time.Thank you.


  My name is xxx. I was born in (Dalian, Liaoning )xxx province in February 1994. I am average height, medium build.I have long black hair and I wear a pear of glasses.

  I usually wear a red coat and a black trousers.Bcause my favourite colours are black and red .My father is a worker,and he works very hard .My mother is an Enlish teacher ,and she is kind to her students. I have a small room .

  There is a bed and a desk in it . The main subjects I studied at school included Chinese, maths, English, physics, chemistry and computer.

  I have many haobbis ,for example, I like English and computer best and I am very good at them. Last year I won a prize in the school computer competition.

  In my spare time I enjoy listening to popular music and collecting stamps. My favorite sports are swimming in summer and skating in winter. That is me ,a lovely girl.


  Hello every one. my name is X. I am 12years old. I study in primary school.

  There are three people in my home ,my parents and me . My father is a handsome man and my mather is very beautiful.They are very excellent .They love me and I love them too.

  I like reading and playing balls. I often play basketball with my good friends after school.

  I like to make friends and I hope we can be friends .


  大家好,我叫X ,今年12岁,在上小学.我家有3个人,我父母和我.我爸爸是一个很英俊的男人,我妈妈也很漂亮.他们非常优秀.他们很爱我,我也爱他们.我喜欢阅读和打球,放学后,我经常和朋友们一起在打篮球.



  Me Hello,everybody!My name`s Kevin Bill.I am a 15-year-old boy and I am from China。My favorite movie are Rush Hour and Mr。Bean。Do you know them?I think they are exciting action movie and interesting comedy .My English teacher is a beautiful teacher and she`s always friendly to us.Her favorite sport is basketball and we always play basketball together.My favorite music is pop and my favorite fruits are apples and grapes.And Sunday is my favorite day.How about you ?What`s your name?


  My name is Im 13 years hobbies are singing,dancing and

  drawing Im a sanguine favourite stars are Shu Chang and JJ like playing computer game and reading classic

  in the studying at Xiao Shi Zhong Xin

  My name is Liu I`m a thirteen-year-old I`m a student of Class Four, Grade Seven in the middle school from Luo yang 。 My study is I`m tall and

  I`m a diligent I study hard at all my My dream is to be a knowledgeable I know it`s very The way is very But I will try my best to do it And I belive

  I have many They are reading, running, swimming, playing, basketball, climbing and playing table Everyday I all need some time to On Saturdays I play basketball or play table tennis with my

  In my free time, sometimes I help my mother with housework or do what I want to

  I have a colorful life!


  Everybody is good! My name is zheng boyang, zheng chengzheng zheng, PhDs bo, ocean ocean, han nationality. Im not short, but Im a lot less tall than my classmates. Like most of my classmates, I am 18 years old this year.

  My shortcomings. The main thing is to do things without the interest, the self-consciousness is not high, the thing to the ego is not the heart. In the sixth grade, the school was just across from my home. I usually get up at 7.30am and have to be ready to go out for more than half an hour, often late. So my classmates called me "late king".

  After discussing with my parents, I concluded that I am more optimistic and more motivated. As for my more advantages, I rely on your excavation! My interests and hobbies. I like swimming, football and military interests.

  If I have the same interest, I can make friends with me. Expectations for future junior high school life. I expect to be happy in these four years, yes!


  I am self - motivated, confident, optimistic, down - to - earth, innovative and enterprising Pay special attention to team spirit, firmly support the leadership of the Communist Party of China, and move closer to the party organization

  During my four years of study and life in school, I constantly challenge myself and enrich myself, so as to lay a solid foundation for realizing my dream and life value During school, I not only learned professional dance, but also participated in social external performances for many times and participated in various activities organized by the school and class During the four years of study, there were many successes and many setbacks But I still know that gold will shine wherever it is. As long as you have a heart, everything can be completed well! Looking back on the past and looking forward to the future, we will meet greater challenges with a new heart!

  Four years of campus life was a turning point in my life. Through four years of exercise, I not only learned a lot of professional knowledge in dance major and cultivation Moreover, it has greatly improved in morality, intelligence, physique, beauty and labor Looking back on the four years of study and life, there are hardships and sweat, happiness and joy in return And in participating in a series of activities, they continuously improve their comprehensive quality and exercise the potential of organization, coordination and communication In life, I understand the truth of life, from naive to mature and steady The learning in recent years has only given me preliminary experience accumulation, which is far from enough to move towards the society. Therefore, I have no regrets in dealing with the past. At the moment, I work hard to deal with the future, and I look forward to more challenges! Overcome difficulties, seize every opportunity, and believe that you must perform a wonderful scene

  I know that achievements belong to the past, and we still need to redouble our efforts in the future!

  I firmly believe that as long as I do, I can do better!


  Hello, everyone. I can tell you about me! I am a happy girl. My name is Nina, I am 12 years old this year. My hobbies are singing and dancing. I usually play basketball on Saturday. I want to grow up to be a doctor .I didn’t like playing video games, but I like reading some books .I ride bike to school .I go to school from Monday to Friday. I am a good student in my school use I so like study .I am good kid too, Do you know? I usually do homework, help my family. My cook food is tasty .I like cat my favorite season is fall. I like warm and sunny. I so like red. This is me! What about you?



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